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Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer (Beauty)

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Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer

This flawless eyebrow trimmer is the first precision hair remover equipped with high end micro precision technology that allows you to trim your eyebrow instantly and painlessly, creating stunningly beautiful eyebrows. It is as easy to use as holding an eraser pencil with built-in light above, below and between your eyebrows, as well as towards your hairline. Unlike traditional trimmers, no skin redness or irritation is induced and it is approved by dermatologist as it's 18-karat gold plated head is hypo-allergenic.

Quick and convenient for easy touch-ups around and under the brow, discreet and portable to use anytime and anywhere, it is truly your makeup buddy and you need not worry of an ugly eyebrow hair when you are outside anymore!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 flawless eyebrow trimmer

(Please note that 1 AAA battery is needed, it is not included)

Color: Pink, White, Rose Gold, Black, Red, Blue (Most popular in bold)
Item Weight: 75g

Package Size: 12x22x12cm (4.72x8.66x4.72in)

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

We have just released the hair trimmer product as well for other parts of body. The capability of hair trimming and function is similar to this eyebrow trimmer.

Our Product Demonstration: Flawless Eyebrow Trimmer

Please watch these videos carefully before you use the product.

Trim against the direction of the eyebrow and not along it!

This will ensure best result of a quick effective trim.

Turn on the light on the eyebrow trimmer to get better visibility during your trim.

Please twist left/right to ensure alignment of the inner blades to rotate smoothly.



For customers interested in hair trimmer using this same technology too,

please refer to the product demonstration 1min video as follows:


We recommend customers to take up the combo package (flawless eyebrow trimmer & hair trimmer) which is at a discounted price and thus more value for money. Thank you!


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