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3D Butterfly Decoration DIY Home Wall Decal

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3D Butterfly Decoration DIY Home Wall Decal

  • Modern 3D looking butterflies hovering all around your home!
  • Eco-friendly nature look & beautiful butterfly feeling!
  • Embraces a "WOW" feel factor to your visitors!
  • Somehow you naturally become a real great decorator!


  • Modern, fashionable design & high quality;
  • Easy peel & stick vinyl plastic wall stickers, no residue post peel;
  • Safe & durable PVC waterproof material (washable with soft brush);
  • Magnets within butterflies to help stick to metallic objects too;
  • Suitable for decorative use in walls of living room, bedroom, kitchen, kids room & window glass decals.
  • Product size: 2x12cm, 2x10cm, 4x8cm or 4x6cm;
  • Random delivery of product size type according to product style;
  • Package details: 50g, 10 x 10 x 10cm.
  • Note: The same proportion of double-sided sponge rubber as gifts can be sticked on walls, refrigerators, glass, ceramics and other surface but cannot be easily attached to rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Please note delivery time is between 2 to 4 weeks from purchase date;


Includes 1 set of 12pcs magnetic 3D butterfly wall stickers.

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