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23-in-1 Multi-purpose Foldable Shovel

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23-in-1 Multi-purpose Foldable Shovel

Finding useful long-lasting tools that help us in outdoor camping or other activities can be tough! This amazing 23-in-1 Multi-purpose Foldable Shovel is one useful tool and it's so compact that it takes just a small bag to carry aound and opens into a powerful shovel!

Designed sturdy, lightweight, durable and foldable, this revolutionary shovel covers the risky tasks of many other tools so you need not bring the so many tools along with you. Your next camping trip will be more convenient than ever now!

Product Features:

High-Mn steel materials: Lightweight, Hard & Firm, Sturdy & Durable, Thickening shovel surface/handle, no distortion, hardness up to 48±. 

Folding Design: This shovel weighs just 1.9 lbs and measures only 9 * 6.5 * 1.8 inches when stowed. Easy to use, convenient to carry and store, for all kinds of outdoor tasks.

Size Adjustable: Ergonomics, Foldable, Removable, Comfortable, Easy to install, Easy to adjust to 3 different length.

23-in -1 Survival Shovel: Including Shovel\Stick\Chopper\wrench\cutter \Saw\Hoe\Bottle opener\Whistle\Fire starter\Ice piton\Scraping fish scales. This military folding shovel is a truly perfect emergency tool for survival kit!

What can this all-in-one powerful shovel do?

Below lists the various 23 usage actions of this useful survival shovel that'll help you survive in the wilderness, or just help with general outdoors usage while camping, hiking, or military usage:

- Shoveling
- Digging
- Bracing Cutting (logs, rope)
- Prying Hammering
- Window breaking
- Chipping
- Loud emergency whistling
- Chopping Camera tripod
- Wire clamping
- Axing
- Hoeing (gardening)
- Hooking
- Hunting
- Peeling
- Chiseling

- Sawing
- Shearing
- Entrenching
- Bottle/can opening
- Scraping Fish Scales
- Starting Fire
- Ice piton
- Wrench
And many more...

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