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528 Hz Medical Tuning Fork (Health)

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528 Hz Medical Tuning Fork

Have you ever wanted to bring the healing and therapeutic power of sonopuncture home with you? Now, you can. Medical practitioners have long used a variety of tools to help treat patients including chimes, Tibetan bowls, electronic devices, and medical tuning forks.

Similar in principle to acupuncture, sonopuncture (also called “acutronics” or “vibrational medicine”) uses sound waves, rather than needles, to stimulate your body’s meridian points and stimulates the body’s innate energy to heal itself.

Sound can be used in powerful ways for your body’s overall health by helping reduce stress levels, enhancing yoga and meditation sessions, and aiding one’s mental clarity.

This specialized aluminum 528 Hz Medical Tuning Fork is tuned in one of the original 6 Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies. 528 Hz is the “Mi” frequency, known as the frequency for “Transformations and Miracles (DNA Repair).” 

Tuning Fork Benefits

Aid in Meditation – The 528 Hz tuning fork emits out a soothing, relaxing tone that also adds as a healthy sedative for the mind. This frequency is perfect for meditation sessions and transforming a typical yoga session into a more soothing meditative state as well.

DNA Repair – The “Mi” frequency is the third of the original 6 Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and is used by genetic engineers across the world to tap into your body’s energy and repair the genetic blueprint of life, DNA.

Experience Harmony & Feel Revitalized – Beyond the Mi frequency’s reparative properties, the tuning fork can be used to bring harmony and clarity to your mental state. Use the fork to effectively “tune-in” and create a clear energy field that promotes positive energy and an enhanced mental state as you clear energy fields. 

High Quality and Meticulously Crafted – Unlike other generic tuning forks and imitations, this 528 Hz medical tuning fork is meticulously crafted and fine tuned to provide a superior, intentional tone at the specific 528 Hz “Mi” frequency.

How to Use

To get the proper benefits from this 528 Hz medical tuning fork, it’s important to use the instrument correctly. There are two distinct ways to utilize this powerful healing tool:

  • Gently hold the tuning fork’s stem and firmly tap the opposing end on your knee or, alternatively, use a rubber mallet to tap the fork end. After tapping, bring the end of the fork (the side with two prongs) roughly an inch away from your ear. This enables you to experience the sound with the utmost clarity. [Note: Never use a hammer or hard surface to tap your tuning fork. Besides the potential for damage, this is likely to create other, non-intended sound pollution which will limit the therapeutic properties.]
  • The other option is for those who have more than one tuning fork. Like the first version, gently hold both forks by the stems, only in this case, actually tap the two forks together two times (again, note that this should be done firmly but gently, these are instruments and should be treated with care). The resulting sound will be a litany of vibrations as you move the forks around you and experience a beautiful ringing that spiritually flows throughout your body and the space you’re in.

Tuning Fork Information

Included: 1 x 528 Hz medical tuning fork

                 1 x rubber mallet

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Silver

Tuning Fork Size: 16cm x 2.5cm x 1cm (6.29in x 0.98in x 0.39in)