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7 Chakra Rainbow Pendant Necklace (Jewelry)

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7 Chakra Rainbow Pendant Necklace

Your Chakras Crystals With Tree Of Life

Our 7 Chakra Rainbow Pendant is a quartz representing all the colors found in the seven chakras to keep each aligned together. We also offer a clear quartz pendant, which is the powerhouse of the crystal family and is used to not only clear negative energy but to also enhance the power of other healing crystals.

Quartz is a crystal which, in many ancient cultures, constitutes a powerful healing stone. It is believed to have a variety of qualities such as positive energy attraction, improving body and mind synchronization, and general human body well being.

What Are The Seven Chakras?

Root (Red): Absorbs energy from the Earth and connects us to nature. I am safe. I am one with Gaia.

Sacral (Orange): Allows us to become open and enjoy meaning in our lives. I am a beautiful being.

Navel or Solar Plexus (Yellow): Promotes a deep sense of inner peace. I am free. I am strong.

Heart (Green): Radiates joy, friendliness, and empathy. I am love.

Throat (Blue): Opens us to new experiences and allows us to express ourselves. I am truth and integrity.

Forehead (Indigo): Broadens and deepens our understanding of the world. I am that I am.

Crown (Violet, White, and Gold): Leads to enlightenment. We are all one.

Handmade pendant: Natural rock quartz rough raw crystal, irregular shape, titanium coated into bright and wonderful colors. Branches and trunk manual wire wrapped with high quality metal wire by our skilled jewelers. Since each stone is unique, please allow some variations in size, shape and color. You will receive the most unique one(s) similar as picture shown.

Pendant size (approx): 2.1-3.1 inches in length, 0.55-0.98 inches in width, 0.55-0.86 inches in thickness. Length for hole: 6-10mm, width for hole: 4-7mm. Length of chain: 22"(58cm). Weight: approx 20 grams. Package included: 1x crystal pendant & 1x chain.

Tree of life necklace: The rock crystal as the energy, metal wires as branches infuse abundance and prosperity into your life, this symbolizes the interconnection of life and the flow of creation. When you wear it, it promotes beauty, health, good luck and reiki charge.

Colorful pendant necklace for unisex: Rainbow titanium coated cover the quartz surface into bright and wonderful colors makes the pendant more charming, eye-catching and brilliant. Colorful and unique accessories are always welcome, perfect gifts to yourself, your families and your friends.

Healing crystal pendant: Rock quartz has its pure energy, effectively enhances the aura, stimulates the potential, and regulates the body to make the spirit more peaceful. It can be used as amulet and the safety symbol to drive away and purify the negative energy. It is helpful to enhance the development of the mind and contribute to meditation.