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Adjustable Jar Opener (Kitchen, Gadget)

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Adjustable Jar Opener

Have you had enough of jars that just won’t open?

It can be really frustrating trying to open a jar that is on too tight. You often have to try a lot of different household remedies, with little effectiveness.

That’s why you need to get our Adjustable Jar Opener!

This tool was designed for people who constantly have the recurring problem of opening up jars.

All you have to do is twist this tool on top of the jar and let it do the rest of the work!

The steel teeth will grip down on the toughest of jars and apply enough pressure to pop that top off in no time.

And it’s also great for opening other things, such as beer and water bottles.

It is perfect for anyone, but especially those with arthritis or other ailments that cause a loss of strength in their hands.

This tool will fit most jars and is designed to last with its durable handle and stainless steel.

Save your strength and get our Adjustable Jar Opener today!


Easy to use: All you have to do is twist and you’re done!

Adjustable: This tool will fit jars with a diameter from 2.4 cm to 10.2 cm.

Saves you time: The spiral design allows for a quick solution for that pesky jar.

High quality design: This jar opener is made of durable stainless anti-rust steel.

Safe lock: Our product is designed to ensure safety with its steel teeth clamping down effortlessly.

Product includes:

01 x Adjustable Jar Opener