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Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip (Electronics, Gadget)

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Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip

Working from home? Get more done with our Adjustable Laptop Side Mount Clip! This productivity booster clamps to the side of your laptop for increased multitasking, no matter where you are! Clip your smart phone to your laptop to extend your screen or to get multi-display computing experience.

The clip is adjustable, flexible, double screen interactive, easy to use, and compatible with iPhone, Android, and iPad minis (4-8 inches in size). No need to compromise your posture by constantly looking down at your phone while you’re working!

Product Features:

Multiple Monitor Display! Enjoy a dual screen experience by easily mounting your phone to the side of your laptop. Having both devices visible at the same time is sure to increase your productivity! Perfect gadget for multi-taskers, speedsters, fast traders, etc.!

No Screen Obstruction! You can do more than one thing (study, work, play games, watch live broadcasts) simultaneously without the worry of either screen being obstructed!

Flexible and Easily Adjustable! Adjust the clip for more comfortable angles!

Charging is Supported! Charge your device while it’s in the clip; your charger port will not be blocked by the clip itself.

Small and Portable! Its lightweight design makes it easily portable and perfect for travel!

Easy to Use! The clip is simple to install, carry, and use. A protective sponge is attached to the magnetic contact surface to protect your equipment from scratches or damage.

Compatible! Universally compatible with iPhone and Android phones, as well as iPad Mini from 4-8 inches.