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Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield (Pet)

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Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield

As a cat lover and owner, there’s one thing all of us know: it’s next to impossible to teach cats not to scratch! It’s like a dog digging up your yard – it’s just in their nature!

So, what are you to do if you can’t change a cat, but you also want to protect your furniture? Fortunately, we found a solution!

Our new Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield is the perfect option for cat lovers who want to create completely scratch-proof furniture that leaves both the cat AND the owner happy.

Made from ultra-durable material that’s both scratch and tear resistant, our stick-on shield will protect your furniture or other important items from those razor-sharp kitty claws. AND you can use it in your car seat using the leather version one too!

And with how easy it is to use; you’ll wonder why you haven’t had this since your feline fellow was just a little kitten!

Product Benefits

Ultra-Strong Material – Made with durable PVC materials, this guard will keep your cat’s scratching in check and your furniture protected;

Simple and Versatile – Our stick-on application makes this guard perfect for a variety of surfaces, not just furniture;

Easy Clean Up – After use, simply peel off and wipe clean – no sticky residue left behind;

Different Sizes to Fit Your Needs – Available in various sizes to fit your unique cat ownership situation and your furniture;

Package Includes:

Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield(s) (1pc or 4pcs choices of various sizes)

Please select based on the type of sofa (leather or fabric) you'd like to stick on.