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Anti-Spill Fruits and Vegetable Strainer (Kitchen)

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Anti-Spill Fruits and Vegetable Strainer

A smart dual-layer anti-spill design fruits and vegetable strainer allows you to drain off water rapidly and efficiently
By leveraging vertical gravity force, the strainer keeps itself horizontal stubbornly when you turn it so that water is drained off effectively

It's large capacity is enough to fill all your favorite fruits and vegetables and drain or store enough water for other uses
When not in use, it doesn't take up extra space since it's stacked. Ideal to hold your washed fruits and vegetables too.

Includes 01 brand new anti-spill strainer of your color choice

Size: internal diameter: 18 cm or 7.2", inner height: 7 cm or 2.8", outside diameter: 19-24 cm or 7.6" or 3.15", outside height: 11 cm or 4.4"

Weight: ~1kg

Color: Multi colors (dark green, light green, white, barley, blue, pink, biege)
Materials: Wheat fiber or PP material
Dishwasher safe
BPA free

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