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Auto Tracking Phone Holder (Electronics)

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Auto Tracking Phone Holder

Having difficulty tracking or recording scenes with motion?

This portable all-in-one auto smart-shooting selfie stick with 360 rotation, auto face tracking and object tracking system will help!

Let this AI system on your phone follow you, take selfies and no longer ask for help anymore. And it's perfect for your vlogs too!

Product Details:

Includes one Auto Tracking Phone Holder with 1/4" thread tripod and flexible smartphone mounting system.

- Elastic grip, soft silicone, supports all common types of mobile phones
- 93 x 93 x 165.4mm (LxWxH), 192g, phone size support: 56-100mm

FREE SHIPPING worldwide in 2 to 4 weeks.

How it works:

First, download the software APAI GENIE with your mobile phone, without registering, open the APAI GENIE, then turn on the power on key.

Keep holding the power on key for 5 seconds. Once the red light is on, turn on Bluetooth of your mobile phone and it connects automatically.

You can start easily without any complicated tutorials!

Fully compatible for iPhone and Android (Support system iOS 10.0 and later, Android 8.1 and later)

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