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Bed Sheet Grippers Set (Bedding)

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Bed Sheet Grippers Set

Unhappy with your messy and disorganized bed due to untidy bed sheets?

Our Bed Sheet Grippers Clip will help keep your bedding neat and in the right position all the time!

Simply install them by attaching the elastic bands horizontally at the head and the foot of your bed, put the sheet over the sheet straps and pin them down with the button. Your bedding will not bulge even when someone is jumping on the bed!

With two holes on the clip for you to choose, you can achieve the most compatible fitting for your bed and a non-slip design to prevent your bedding from slipping off. Your bed sheet will stay in place for a long time to keep your bed always looking great and help you sleep comfortably with neat and wrinkle-free!

Product Details:
- Includes 4 sheet clips
- Size: 3x1.5cm
- Material: plastic