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Brows Styling Soap (Beauty)

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Brows Styling Soap

Do you know that a simple touch up of your eyebrows can quickly boost your appearance in style and vibrancy? Be it for your next date, meeting, interview, etc., a great impression with your hot, wild and energetic eyebrows does matter a lot!

Our Brows Styling Soap promises to deliver what you need: that perfect, eye-catching, gorgeous eyebrows that leave your audience no room for other good view…With compact design in an elegant box, you can carry it around with you in style anywhere and use it anytime. Don’t remain status quo like others, enhance your brows and impress others with this now!

Product Features

Brow Shaping – great in taming unruly brows and boost brow color, helping your face to look more stereo with our perfect eyebrow dye cream choice;

Natural, Full, Thick, Stylish – Simply brush through your eyebrows to add thickness, volume and texture, creating perfect 3D effect and projecting positive energy around;

Safe & Healthy – Using an all-natural and organic formula, the odorless, transparent, foamless soap nourishes and conditions the brows to promote healthy hair growth. It neither lather up nor cause irritation, ensuring safety with no unwanted residue too;

Compact, Quick & Easy To Use – Packed in a small elegant box, you can carry it with you anytime for touch up. Simply dip the angled brush into the styling soap, outline and fill in any sparse areas in the brows and smooth out any harsh lines;

Long Lasting Beauty – You can also use this waterproof styling soap before using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make your eyebrow makeup last longer. It’s especially helpful for those with sparse brows to enhance to fluffy and vibrant brows.

Product Information

Includes 01 elegant box with 01 Brush and 01 Brows Styling Soap.

Weight & Box Size: 20g, 6.3 x 3.7 x 1.3cm

How to use?

Firstly, wet your brush with water and rub it over the surface of the soap.

Brush through your brows upwards until your brows are fluffy, full and beachy.

Pencil or other brow products may be applied before using the soap.

Important Tips

1. Please put it in a dry and cool place that infants and young children can't touch.

2. Avoid contact with eyes and wash with plenty of water if contact is accidently made.

See how different your eyebrows look now! Impressed? 😌