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Colorful Dog Paw 3D Table LED Lamp

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Colorful Dog Paw 3D Table LED Lamp


The Dog Paw 3D Table LED Lamp is probably the best-in-market, professional, beautiful & high quality lamp that projects an optical 3D paw image to your surrounding when viewed afar but is actually a flat thin acryllic glass sheet.

Apart from lighting up your desk area, it is sure to impress your guests or colleagues with "wow" feel and extreme interest, especially from dog lover friends. This amazing product is made with a combination of careful artwork and LED technology. It can be perfect for display decoration in various area such as living room, bedroom and office as a night lamp or any other purpose such as special gift to friend.

Color: 8 modes of changeable colors including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Violet and White or automatic flashing mode for all colors (using touch button)
Energy consumption: Low as high energy efficiency long life LED bulbs are used
Safety: Safe to touch on, does not overheat easily


Package includes:

01 x Lamp Black Round Base

01 x Acrylic Glass Pane 4mm

01 x USB cable 1.5m

01 x User Manual

Touch to toggle light, long press for 3 seconds to ON/OFF

Dimension: 7 x 9 x 0.3 mm thick (LxHxW)
Voltage/Current: 5V / 0.5A
Weight: 1 lb
LED Life Span: 50,000 hrs
Power Source: Electricity, plug in USB Port (USB Wall Adapter or Computer)

Please note delivery is between 2 to 4 weeks from purchase date.

Product Demonstration: