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Comfy Pet Nest Bed

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Comfy Pet Nest Bed

For pet lovers, if you are struggling to get your restless pet to settle down or take a nap, this comfy pet nest bed is one of the best in town with many pet owners satisfied by its quick result! Designed in a nest-like manner with super soft and comfortable cotton fabric of multiple color choices, you will find your pet naturally select one of its favorite color bed, find warmth and comfort lying in it. This pet nest bed helps reduce muscle tension and stress level of your pet easily, allowing it to stay happier and healthier for long. The use of 100% PP cotton ensure high density uniform filling and no deformation under pressure, assuring good sleep for long period of time. The bottom of the bed is also designed with anti-slip material, ensuring that your pet doesn't slip away or shift while sleeping due to other pet's movement, etc.

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Package includes: 01 set of Comfy Pet Nest Bed