Creative Salt Blaster Toy

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Creative Salt Blaster Toy

Still in vain killing pests using random objects?😓

No more! Use a salt bullet pest blaster now!😎😲

Get ready to blast out hated pests happily, satisfactorily & at ease!😆😆😆

  • Ultimate pest killer gun to save your day from disgusting mini-pests!
  • Blast off annoying disease-carrying bugs, flies & insects instantly!
  • Improve your shooting skill in a fun way with kids, family & friends!
  • Or tag your friends or family who may need this or as gift!🤗🤗🤗



    • 100% brand new, premium, high quality, durable plastic material used;
    • Be spoilt for choice on color options & with/without laser guide: yellow, blue, camouflage, cool white & various mix of colors available;
    • Day, night mode laser-guided pop-up sight ensures high accuracy;
    • Bullets used are non-toxic salt, thus safe for your children and pets;
    • Effective range: accurate up to 3 feet, casts an array of salt bullets!
    • Great power & accuracy per shot at a pinch of normal salt used;
    • Well-customized and texturized handgrip ensures non-slip cocking;
    • No batteries needed, total 80 shots before next re-loading needed;
    • Air-blast power provides real fun and thrilling sound during shooting;
    • Effective to knock out bugs, mosquitoes, flies, insects & cockroaches;
    • Pests are usually stunned or killed and remain intact for easy cleanup unlike traditional fly swatters ending up with massive bloody debris;😆
    • Packaging: 1.4kg, 59cm x 30cm x 18cm;


    Includes 01 super effective salt bullets blaster to satisfy your pest removal.

    Please prepare 03 AAA batteries if you are using the laser sight tool.

    For 5 or more sets, just message us at!

    We have special promotion code waiting for you!

    Please allow delivery of 2 to 4 weeks from your purchase date.

    For customers who only need the laser sight tool, please go to:

    Be assured that each gun is well tested before shipment as shown:


    Please use with extreme care and have parental guidance for kids.

    Ensure only pests are hit. Do not mis-use by aiming at any human or pets!

    Please be careful to open the salt opening cap slowly to prevent cut too.


    Installation of Laser Aim Guide:

    Unscrew the laser guide cover, add 3 AAA batteries & tighten the lid cover.

    Usage Instructions in 3 Simple Steps:

    (1) Put dry salt into the salt blaster gun.

    (2) Hold the handle and cock the gun.

    (3) Open the safety switch, aim & pull the trigger (force & press to the end)!

    White Salt War Version:


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