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Cute Cat Paws Coffee Mug (Pet, Kitchen)

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Cute Cat Paws Coffee Mug

For cat lovers, you will need a personalized cat featured coffee mug to bring along to remind you of your cat when it's not around. This high quality cute cat paws glass coffee mug is designed to let you look and feel its paw while you're enjoying your coffee every time!

Made of food-grade high quality glass that is FDA approved and BPA free, this mug can withstand high temperature and carries a relatively large capacity. It is also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe, suitable for coffee, mile, tea and any other hot or cold drinks and beverages.

Enjoy your next drink with this unique cute cat paws coffee mug! Or use it as a perfect gift for your friend who loves cat so much!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 set of cute cat paws coffee mug

Material Quality / Certification: First Class Round Transparent Glass / FDA Certified

Each mug measures 7.5cm wide by 10cm tall and has a maximum capacity of 400ml.