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Detangling Hair Brush (Beauty)

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Detangling Hair Brush

Brushing your hair doesn’t have to be unpleasant or painful! Make brushing your locks less of a hassle with our Detangling Hair Brush! It easily detangles all types of hair, pain-free! And no more tears for your tender-headed little lady! Cut brushing time in half! From kinky curls to thick, straight hair, this brush glides through knots and tangles effortlessly for a natural look in just minutes! This product works on all types of hair—even synthetic hair! This brush is flexible, so it bends with your hair, causing less shedding and making it a much less painful experience. Save yourself some time and a lot of pain with the Detangling Hair Brush!

Product Features:

Less trips to the Salon: Our Detangling Hair Brush helps you achieve a professional-looking style every time, without an expensive trip to the salon!

Decreased Shedding: Our unique design has separated bristles that evenly distribute pressure while brushing. This cuts down on pulling, which minimizes shedding and reduces pain. Nobody wants to lose more hair than they have to!

More Confidence: You’ll look and feel more yourself after using a brush that allows your natural hair to flourish!

How To Use Your Detangling Hair Brush?

Apply conditioner on wet hair with our 360 mist spray bottle before using (Recommended for type 4 hair).

The Detangling Hair Brush is flexible so it will bend with the curves in your hair to prevent any excess shedding.

Part you hair into sections and begin detangling from the ends, working your way up to the roots. Let the separated bristles glide through your curls and detangle.

Brush hair while holding the brush in a vertical position.

Then flip and brush again while holding the brush in a horizontal position.

Enjoy smooth, shiny, and knotless hair once again with these simple steps!