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Double Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner Brush

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Double Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner Brush

Have you experienced the danger of trying to reach and clean the exterior of your glass window?

Check out this useful double side magnetic glass cleaner brush for a smart, efficient way of cleaning any window/door glasses now!

Designed with triangular shaped ABS plastic casing carrying cleaning pads, high performance strong magnets ensure both sides of the glasses are effectively cleaned simultaneously. Our different inner magnets allow 3 thickness range of glass covering majority of household needs. An extra adjustable thick safety band ensures both casing do not hit the floor and get damaged while in operation.

While special microfiber cloth scrubs away heavy dirt, the foam sponge allows water storage for long usage time and you can change the soap density at different cleaning steps easily by pressing it.. It also works with the inner rubber strip to keep cleaning and drying in one go smartly. To replace the used fabric, simply turn the removable type lock to release. An anti-pinch board is also available to keep the device safe when in use.

With this smart glass cleaner, you need not worry about the danger of climbing out of window and no longer find cleaning the glasses a dirty and time-consuming task anymore!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 double side magnetic glass cleaner brush (including free replacement cleaning pads & safety rope)

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

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