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Easy Battery Powered Knife (Kitchen)

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Easy Battery Powered Knife

Slice, dice, and chop in seconds! This Battery Powered Knife makes short work of carving tough meat cuts, preparing fish, and chopping up fruits and vegetables. It does most the work for you, allowing you to prepare meals faster and easier. Grab yours now!

Product Features

Slices through all cuts of meats, plus evenly cut bread without leaving jagged edges
Lightweight for easier handling, the electric knife weighs less than two lbs
With two stainless steel blades
Hand-contoured grip with vinyl handle
Corded with touch-button control
Designed for either right or left-handed use
Removable blades are dishwasher safe

Product Demo:

DSC_0025_0DSC_0029DSC_0030DSC_002861qEkKOAvQL._SX681_One-Touch-Battery-Powered-Knife-Easy-Cut-Cordless-Knife-For-Pork-Stainless-Blender-For-Kitchen-Knife (1)One-Touch-Battery-Powered-Knife-Easy-Cut-Cordless-Knife-For-Pork-Stainless-Blender-For-Kitchen-Knife (3)One-Touch-Battery-Powered-Knife-Easy-Cut-Cordless-Knife-For-Pork-Stainless-Blender-For-Kitchen-Knife (4)
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