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Elastic Sofa Slipcovers (Decor)

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Elastic Sofa Slipcovers

These useful elastic sofa slipcovers will help rejuvenate your sofa with its elegant designs instantly!

You need not worry too much about spending to get a new sofa or repair the sofa here and there! So much time and money will be saved using these sofa slipcovers to upgrade the appearance of any room in minutes in preparation of any home/office visit events or festive celebration!

MATERIAL& DESIGN: 92% polyester and 8% spandex fabric. Leave no corner unwrapped with its elastic band and strap fastening closure at the bottom, double reinforcement, doesn't easily wrinkle or displace.

FITS MOST FURNITURE: Suits most types sofa, like fabric sofa, or leather sofa with gap. Please be advised to measure correctly before purchase.

 1-seater  chair slipcover fits most armchairs up to back length 90 to 140cm / 35.43 to 55.12 Inch.

 2-seater  couple seat slipcover fits most couple seats up to back length 145 to 185cm / 57.09 to 72.83 Inch.

 3-seater  sofa slipcover fits most sofas up to back length 190 to 230cm / 74.80 to 90.55 Inch.

 4-seater  sofa slipcover fits most sofas up to back length 235 to 300cm / 92.52 to 118.11 Inch.

STAYS IN PLACE: If your sofa is L type or Corner combined with 2 parts separately, you need to order 2 pieces to cover it fully. This sofa cover is applicable to sofa that has deep gap between seats. Push down the small cloth strip that you use to hold in place as far as you can and it will stay in place properly.

STRONG PROTECTION: Designed to shield and protect your furniture from spills, stains, wear and tear. Great for homes with pets, or for anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection.and spruce up your living room and impress your guests, yet spending less money.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY CARE: It's easy to set up / pick up; maintain with machine cold wash (do not bleach/iron, use tumble low dry), please check the pictorial illustration of installation steps provided.

APPLICATION: Sofa & chairs in home, office, living room (both indoor and outdoor)

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 elastic sofa slipcover of your preferred type

Style: Geometic/Pastoral/Plain/Europe/Classic/Modern/American/Plaid/Stripped Cross Pattern/Twill/Jacquard

Weight Limit: 600-1200g;

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

NOTE: The side with tag is the back. There are some long foam pieces provided or you can prepare something like towels to help tuck the cover into the couch. To make sure the cover will fit your sofa better, please check the spaces(gaps) on the back and two arms and let the foam strip in so that it can hold the corners and shape the cover.


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