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Electric Clothes Drying Rack (Storage & Organization)

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Electric Clothes Drying Rack

Electric Clothes Drying Rack is home essential with normal clothing for overall nursing, small scaled clothe and shoes urgently dry function. It is traveling essentially by self-dry and smooth clothing functions.

Space Saving: Mini compact size and detachable, doesn’t take much space whatever store in closet or luggage, simple operation and easy to carry.

Quick drying: Fast dry clothes within 3 hours, work in 150W / 110V-220V / 50Hz. Hot and cold air auto-switch every 3hrs, no shrinkage/heat damage to clothes. It can resolve clothes drying requirements while traveling or in damp weathers.

Care functions: The clothes dryer has a conventional clothing care functions, such as: moisture, mildew, moth, sterilization, resistance smelling, deodorization, and dry the lightweight clothing right after washing function.

Multipurpose: Suitable for lightweight and small clothes like suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, infant wear, underwear but not included silk cotton clothes. They are stretchable and best for drying shoes.

Power: 150W.
Size: 9.6 x 8.5 x 3.94 inches.
Material:ABS plastic electronic components.

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Clothes and shoes can be dried quickly, home travel artifact
Fast drying/Folding storage/sturdy load/triple protection
Fast drying, hot and cold switching does not hurt clothing.
Boot automatically into the hot air mode, with 50°~60° warm wind fast drying clothing.
Built-in chip, 3 hours automatically switch to cold air mode (can also be manually switched to cold wind),
so that clothing is naturally supple.
Red light: Hot air mode default 50°-60° warm wind 
Blue light: Automatically switch to cold air mode after 3 hours
Multi-scene use to meet daily needs
Strong load-bearing, suitable for a variety of clothing 
Short-sleeved T-Shirt/long-sleeved shirt/sports clothes/heavy Clothing
PTC ceramic heating, high heat efficiency with saving more power 
Using the whole industry safe and reliable PTC ceramic heating technology,
thermal efficiency is much higher than the heating wire and other common heating technology. 
Mild heat dissipation, 6 hours =1° electricity, can be used daily.
Innovative airway patents, more uniform drying clothing
Unique innovative airway technology patent, to ensure that there are sleeves, sleeveless, underwear, all can be evenly and quickly dried. 
Triple protection, peace of mind use.
Using high temperature resistant flame retardant materials, built-in microcomputer protection program,
3 hours automatic switching cold air mode. 
Anti-overheating temperature control protection system, intelligent temperature control,
circuit protection, can be used with peace of mind.
Can dry clothes, dry shoes, easy to handle,
Equipped with a tubular hanger, you can easily dry your shoes by simply inserting the duct into your shoes. 
According to the height of shoes, adjust the length of expansion, to meet a variety of shoe types
Note: The default is the Clothes Dryers, If you want to add Shoes Dryers, Please purchase 'Shoes Clothes Dryers'
How to use dry shoe tubes:
Step1 the wind tubes are inserted into the outlet of each side
Step2 plug the bottom of the machine into a silicone plug
Step3 the duct into the shoe separately. 
Step4 Tap the switch after connecting the power supply
Foldable, easy to collect, lightweight body shape, easy to carry
In the travel, the duct can be disassembled, placed in the storage bag, placed in the corner of the box, does not occupy space. 
The hanger net weight is only 362g and can reduce the burden.
More details to experience a careful design
One-click Control, Switchgear/hot and cold wind.
Unique Waterproof air inlet design, Detail part of the design is very meticulous, thoughtful.
14 -
Scalable pipe Hanger, Dry shoe hanger can match shoes of any size (non-standard configuration)
Storage Bag, Removable duct, shoe tube, all loaded into the storage bag for easy to carry.