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Fast Fish Hook Remover

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Fast Fish Hook Remover

Struggling to unhook that fish hook or get hurt while doing so?

Our innovative Fast Fish Hook Remover will help you remove the hook out from the fish quickly, safely and easily with just one hand! No more risking of your fingers to reach the hook that can result in injuries and pain. When removing the hook, the rounded edge pin also ensures that the fish is not hurt and your fishing line is intact! What a great tool for your fishing trip, so easy that your kids can use it safely!

Main Product Features

  • Providing you with the easiest, fastest and safest way to unhook a fish!
  • Only one hand is needed to operate the hook remover with an ergonomic plastic handle!
  • Light-weight and easy to attach to your fishing vest to prevent dropping off;
  • Your fingers will be safe and protected from hook injury, sharp teeth, etc. too!
  • Even deeply swallowed hooks by the fish can be easily removed!
  • Save your fish of the pain and harm of the hook removal process!
  • Made of strong stainless, corrosion resistant steel to work well in both saltwater and freshwater!

Product Specifications

01 useful Fast Fish Hook Remover of 2 size choices:

  • Small: 6.69 inches (~17 cm)
  • Large: 9.45 inches (~24 cm)

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