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Gravity Car Phone Holder (Automotive)

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Gravity Car Phone Holder

This Gravity Car Phone Holder is an innovative, smart and most useful universal phone holder that uses gravity to hold itself and allows you to clip your phone to the horizontal air vents of your car for easy access or charging while driving. Installation is so simple by just clipping to air vent and slipping your phone into it for auto-mount and lock by its own gravity, unlike traditional width-adjustment phone holder. Removing the phone is also simpler with one hand lifting it upwards ensuring more safety when driving.

Unlike magnetic design, gravity design does not block phone signal and ensures smooth, undisturbed video/data streaming, phone call, etc. Its slim and compact vertical design also ensures no unnecessary protrusion that blocks the driver's view and allows all phone ports accessible for external wiring connection. High quality anti-slip silicone phone rest and upgraded mechanical design of the clip prevent any possibility of dropping or rattling of the phone while traveling. Designed universally compatible to slot in almost all phone types (max 6.5 inches wide), life is never more convenient and safe with this smart phone holder when driving now!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 Gravity Car Phone Holder

Color/Phone Types: White or Black / All phone with max width 6.5 inches (iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.)

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