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Hands-free Cordless Stick Blender / Stirrer (Kitchen)

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Hands-free Cordless Stick Blender/Stirrer

Cooking can be taken to a new level of automation with this super smart and useful hands-free cordless stick blender robot! Life just gets easier now.

You are no longer alone stirring your custards, sauces and soups manually and possibly with tiring eyes! Don't waste that time anymore as you can multi-task on many other chores in preparing delicious meal for your hungry family members!

Blender comes in 3 different speeds for your requirement and is easily tuned by simply pressing down on the top.

Product Details:

Material: TPE, PP, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Size: 19 x 4 CM (H x W)
Colors: White and Black
Battery operated (4 x AA batteries-not included)
Package included: 01 x Blender




Your automatic helper when cooking your food!