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Hexagonal LED Touch Lamps (Lightings)

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Hexagonal LED Touch Lamps


This hexagonal LED touch lamps are highly innovative, professional, beautiful & high quality modular touch screen wall lightings that bring about an extraordinarily unique experience in your surrounding. Just slide your palm across the lamps embedded with capacitive touch sensors and LEDs, the lights you need will turn on or off accordingly to fit your desired theme! You can also turn your wall into an art canvas using your hands as brushes..

Consisting of plastic hexagons joined together by magnets and interlocking patterns to form touch screen wall light, you can easily customize any combination of the modules and light colors preferred, offering various illumination style to different environment. Magnets that make up the physical connection also allow current to flow from one to another.

It is sure to impress your guests or colleagues with "wow" feel and extreme interest. This amazing product is made with a combination of careful artwork, LED technology and sensitive sensors. It can be perfect for space saving purpose or as creative display decoration in various area, eg. living room, bedroom, office as night lamp or any other purpose such as special gift to friend!

Activation: Sensitive touch sensors
Energy consumption: Low as high energy efficiency long life LED bulbs embedded in the plastic cover are used
Safety: Safe to touch on, does not overheat easily


Package includes hexagonal LED touch lamp(s) & 01 x Power adapter (US, EU, AU).

Please note delivery is between 2 to 4 weeks from purchase date.

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