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Hourglass Hip Shapewear (Beauty)

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Hourglass Hip Shapewear

Frustrated with your Hip Dips/Dents?

Your desired gorgeous curves can be discovered easily with our Hourglass Hip Shapewear! Simply put them on like any other underwear and you'll amaze your partner and friends with an admirable hourglass figure..

- Feel the smoothness of your figure and formation of lovely curves.
- Tone up your hip area and lift your butt against gravity pull!
- Be confident and proud of yourself and attract the jealous eyes of many others!

10 Reasons To Use Our Hourglass Hip Shapewear

- Leaves no marks on your skin!
- Easy to wear and to get out of. Just like any other pair of panties!
- Lightweight design. You won't notice them!
- 24/7 fit. No fabric rolling up.
- No additional heat in the leg area.
- They stay cool and dry even in summer!
- No constriction in movement.
- Suitable for everyday wear. Work, Club, Gym, etc.
- No body-covering shapewear suit.
- Wear stomach-free outfits with it!

Product Specifications
- For butt and hip enhancing, butt lifting, padding shaping, body sculpting, fashion
- Made of firm nylon, spandex & cotton
- Broad size ranges from S to 3XL, choice of High-Waist or Mid-Waist fit
- Maintain with only hand-wash for good garment care (water temperature below 30°C, do not use bleach, hang dry, do not iron/dry clean)

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