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Instant Ice Cream Maker (Kitchen)

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Instant Ice Cream Maker

Make healthy ice cream at home with all your favorite ingredients in just minutes!

When it's hot or you need some cooling off, that means one of the greatest things – ice cream! But who wants to sit around in long lines or leave the house just to get a delicious frozen treat when it’s so hot outside? (Hint: No one!)

That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect solution, an Instant Ice Cream Maker you can use from the comfort of your own home! No more waiting around, no more getting into a hot car just to travel to the store. Just stroll into your kitchen and bring the joy of a gourmet specialty ice cream shop home.

Use all your favorite ingredients and flavors and get as creative as you’d like. Really, the possibilities are endless! And it's not just for cool ice cream, you can also use this on fried yogurt or fried ice cream!

Stop overpaying for expensive ice cream and waiting in hot summer lines and start making your very own ice cream at home!

Product Details

Choose your own ingredients - Be as healthy (or not!) as you want!

Easy to use – No electricity required, no rock salt required, no ice required, just get your ingredients together and start creating;

Save Money – significantly cheaper than paying for expensive specialty brands of ice cream but still the same great taste

High Quality, Reusable Material – Made from robust food-grade materials, you can easily clean the maker and reuse time and time again

How Do I Use It?

Thanks to the ingenious design, the Instant Ice Cream Maker is a breeze to use! Simply store the Instant Ice Cream Maker in the freezer when not in use (you need to keep this puppy cold!) and remove when ready to get creating.

Remove the Instant Ice Cream Maker from the freezer and add in a cream for the base. This can be any type of milk (or milk replacement) you’d like. Heavy cream, regular milk, almond milk, soy milk – you name it!

Next, toss in any additional ingredients you’d like. This could be things like berries, broken pieces of candy bars, or any number of your favorite treats!

Lastly, start smashing everything together as you watch the ice cream form right in front of your eyes!

And that’s it, now you’re ready to enjoy this perfect summer sweet!

Can I Make More Than Just Ice Cream with It?

Absolutely! Our Instance Ice Cream Maker’s innovative design makes it highly versatile so that you can create any number of summer treats in it.

If you’d prefer a slushie, simply substitute the milk for your favorite juice. Or maybe you’re wanting a nice root beer or cola float? In that case, throw in your favorite soda or root beer and get to mixing!

Product Specifications

Package Includes:

1 x Instant Ice Cream Maker

2 x blue or pink spades

1 x blue or pink spoon (for large version)

6 x white molds (for large version)

Package Capacity: 500ml (medium) or 1000ml (large)

Shipping time: USA ~1 week, overseas ~3 to 4 weeks.