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Leaf Shape Detachable Soap Dish (Kitchen, Bathroom)

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Leaf Shape Detachable Soap Dish

Does your soap look dirtier than you?

Soap is meant to clean, but sometimes leaving it exposed to the elements can cause it to attract unwanted dust and debris.

That’s why you need our Leaf Shape Detachable Soap Dish!

Our elegant and stunning design will keep your bar of soap well away from contaminants and looking like new.

It’ll also keep your sink clean and shiny with our well-designed drainage hole made just to ensure water is funneled to the drain.

Another benefit of this soap dish is that it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional soap rack, so you get practicality and style all in one.

It’s also made of sturdy materials, so you’ll be able to admire its beautiful design for years to come.

And it’s perfect for holding other things as well, such as towels and sponges.

You also don’t have to worry about it falling, as it has a strong suction cup to make sure it is always attached.

Remember, soap should be clean, and our soap dish will make sure it stays that way.


Clean soap:  This soap dish prevents your bar of soap from getting dirty and musty.

Stylish design: The elegant and minimalist design of this leaf dish compares favorably against large and unsightly soap racks.

Keeps things clean: The bevel inserted in this soap dish allows for proper drainage, so your sink will stay clean as well.

Sturdy and versatile: This soap dish was designed to stand the test of time and is great for other uses, such as storing towels.

Strong suction: The strong suction cup allows this soap dish to adhere firmly to many different surfaces.

Package includes:

01 Leaf Shape Detachable Soap Dish