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Luminous Basketball (Sports)

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Luminous Basketball

Have you seen a basketball that reflects light on its own? This interesting luminous basketball can glow with a clear bright green light when light is shined onto it. It looks cool when someone is taking a photo or video of you playing it with their flash on.

You can also practice better in the evening too when light condition is dimmer and it's going to be a fantastic experience with this luminous reflective basketball, especially with your children! Rain or shine, bright or dark, there's no excuse exercising with this now!

Package Details:

01 luminous reflective basketball (24.6 cm in diameter)

High quality material is used to ensure durability and endurance.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

Important Notes: Please read before buying.

The basketball will reflect light when someone is taking flash photo or video of the ball with flashlight on (i.e. the ball is luminous or colored in the photo or video only, not in the person hands). If you watch it on your phone screen, you can see all the colors but it's a black ball you're playing with. If you play with some lighting environment, it can still appear more luminous due to its reflective skin.

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