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Mini Steel Tongue Drum

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Mini Steel Tongue Drum

Do you need a unique way to relax and clear your head? Perfect for meditation, our Mini Steel Tongue Drum is soothing and easy to play. Use it for yoga, mind healing, and meditation. The drum produces soothing sounds that purify your mind and clear your thoughts. You can either use the mallets that are included with the drum to produce these sounds, or just your fingers.

Great for beginners! Musicians of all skill levels and ages can play this instrument with ease. It has a round shape and a smooth surface, has 8 tones in F major pentatonic scale, and it has rubber pads that prevent slipping and floor damage. Bring the drum everywhere with you, so you can have peace and calm wherever you go!

Product Features:

Easy to Carry! Each drum comes with its own practical carrying case, so you can take your drum with you wherever you go.

Easy to Play! All ages and experience levels can enjoy the drum because of its simplicity.

Unique Design! The drum is round in shape with a smooth surface, and has rubber pads to prevent it from slipping and also to prevent damage to the floor in case it does fall.

Relaxing and Motivating! The sounds produced by the Mini Steel Tongue Drum will calm your mood and bring peace to your soul.

Durable and Safe for Kids! Your kids will be mesmerized! The drum isn’t easily broken, and is easily played, making it a perfect gift for a child.

What's Included?

01 Steel Tongue Drum, 02 Drumsticks, 04 Finger Cover, 

01 Carrying Bag, 01 Sticker & 01 English Tutorial Book!

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Shipping Times: USA: ~1 week, Overseas: ~2 to 4 weeks.