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Money Labyrinth 3D Cube Puzzle Maze Bank Box (Toy)

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Money Labyrinth

Make saving fun with this Money Labyrinth!

This piggy bank will lock away all your valuable coins to be kept away for a later time.

Drastically reduce impulse purchases by forcing you to work a ball through an intricate multi-floor maze sure to stump even the most determined maze runners.

As the saying goes: "mind your pennies and the dollars will follow."

The Money Labyrinth is the perfect gift for any young money makers!

A creative and fun way to give gifts. Make your birthday gifts special and cool.
Also serves as a puzzle toy box after the gifts are retrieved.
Great brain teaser for kids and adults. Help develop intelligence and release pressure.

Product Details:
High quality ABS plastic, safe and durable.
Size: 3 inch in diameter.