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Multi-functional Rotating Makeup Box (Beauty)

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Multi-functional Rotating Makeup Box

More often than not, many ladies have been plagued by a wide range of cosmetic products, confusing advice from guides or ended up with too many cosmetics to handle or travel around with..

This rotating makeup box is first of the kind designed by smart makeup experts who have studied consumer trend worldwide and compiled only the key necessities for you all in one nice box!

Just open or close with a twist at the top and all you need is around you! You need not look for your scattered makeup items here and there again.

Equipped with various color eye shadow series, eyebrow powder, highlighter, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara cream, lip gloss color, eye shadow brush, color concealer and shading ointment, all you need is inside with these multiple options and colors for your style of the day!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 multi-functional rotating pink makeup box and accessories as shown

- Not available in stores, latest edition in limited stocks now

Material: High Quality Acrylic

Item Weight with Cosmetics: 427g

Closed Size: diameter 19cm, height 9cm
Open Size: diameter 31cm, height 9cm

Our Product Demonstration: Rotating Makeup Box

Introducing an awesome multi-functional rotating makeup box:

Full Product Overview and Description:

Latest Edition with 5 Key Product Characteristics:


Style A: Brown Eye Shadow Series (Dumb Light):

For make-up beginners, this series is simpler than other color systems.

Style B: Pink Eye Shadow Series (Pearl Light):

Boy's favorite! Each color is very practical, with this makeup, you will look super gentle!

Style C: Party Stage Color Eye Shadow Series (Pearl Light):

Girls who like European and American makeup should have a try!

Style D: Gray Eye Shadow Series (Pearl Light):

Use Gray eye shadow makeup to highlight the level of the eyes, and create a sense of charming, but not overly publicized feeling.

Remember to have a light try.

Style E: Pumpkin Color Eye Shadow Series (Pearl Light):

Being very gentle, it is very suitable color for autumn and winter period.

Real Arm Color Test: 20 color pearlescent wet powder eye shadow


Step 1 Bottom: Apply a powder puff to a proper amount of BB cream and even apply it

Step 2 Concealer: Color concealer and shading ointment


Step 3: Pencil the eye shadow with choice of 5 color styles shown earlier.

Step 4: Pencil the eyeliner and lip liner:

Lip liner + Eyeliner + Eye Shadow Brush 2

Step 5: Pencil the lipstick: 5 color lipstick + 1 lip color

Step 6: Lip gloss color and Mascara cream:

Mascara cream + lip gloss color + Eye Shadow Brush

Step 7: Pencil the eyebrows and blush

White highlighter puff cake + blush + Eyebrow Powder