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Nano Mist Diffuser (Beauty, Health)

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Nano Mist Diffuser

In these uncertain times, you never know when you may need to disinfect anything and everything! That’s where the Nano Mist Diffuser comes in! This pocket-sized product sprays a disinfecting mist—allowing it to instantly sanitize your keys, wallet, door handles, elevator buttons, even your clothes and shoes. Stop worrying about germs all the time with this convenient tool for sanitization!

The smartest and most efficient way to dispense sanitizer, this amazing product can be filled with alcohol or liquid sanitizer (always 100% liquid). It sprays the liquid into nanoparticles, which gives you more bang for your buck by sanitizing more surfaces with less liquid. You can even spray it on your phone or other technological devices without damaging them!

Other than using for cleaning your environment, you can also use it for moisturising your face in dry environment to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It'll prove to be a great and useful product to all!


Alcohol or Disinfectant? Your Choice! You can fill the tank with either alcohol or liquid sanitizer (100% liquid), whichever your prefer! Simply spray the diffuser until you feel confident that the object is covered!

Convenient for Use Anytime! Since it’s battery-operated, you can fill it up, charge it with the included USB, and use it over and over again!

A Useful Moisturiser! The weather or place that you're in can be too dry for your skin and this comes handy as a useful moisturiser for your face or other sensitive skin areas.

Safe for Technological Devices! The diffuser’s vaporization system is made to sanitize without producing droplets that are large enough to damage your device.

Fits in Your Pocket! Its small size allows you to keep it with you at all times—just keep it in your pocket! It only weighs 50 grams.

Saves You Money! The device uses less sanitizer than traditional methods. It sprays liquid sanitizer into nanoparticles, which allows more sanitization with less liquid.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Atomization Amount: 1.25-1.45ml/min
Material: Atomization Chip, Integrated Circuit
Conditions of Use: Charging and Adding Liquid
Water Tank Capacity: 30ml
Atomized Particles: 0.3μm
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Color: White only, Pink (sold out)
Size: Approx. 35*35*103 mm / 1.4*1.4*4.1 in
Weight: Approx. 56g / 2 oz

What's included?

01 Nano Mist Diffuser+ 01 USB Charging Cable

Shipping Time: Overseas: ~2 to 4 weeks, ~ 1 week (within USA)