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Nordic Style Moon Phase Mirror Set (Home Decor)

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Nordic Style Moon Phase Mirror Set

Bring the beauty and elegance of the moon cycle home today with the Nordic Style Moon Phase Mirror Set. This gorgeous Boho-inspired set includes 5 pieces to depict different stages of the moon throughout the lunar cycle. Included in the set are individual mirrors following the waxing and waning movements of the lunar cycle all with a stunning full moon at the center – the perfect addition to any moon lover’s room!

These handcrafted wooden mirrors not only make a stylish addition to any home but transform the space as well. Natural light entering the room playfully bounces and reflects off the mirrors creating a luxurious aura leaving your home feeling lighter and more spacious.

Whether you are looking to get in touch with your spiritual and natural side or want to bring your trendy room together with a perfect central piece, the Nordic Style moon Phase Mirror Set is the perfect addition that takes just minutes to install.


Product Features

Wooden Nordic Design – Minimalist Nordic design featuring safety mirrors and wooden frames brings the beauty of the moon into your home in a clean, elegant fashion.

Versatile Multipiece Set – With 5 unique pieces, you decide how to display each cycle of the moon; use the provided template to hang all 5 together or spread them throughout the room to fit your own unique style.

Easy to Use – Included with each set is everything you need to install and configure the mirrors to your own liking; no-hassle installation, just peel and place.

Perfect Center Piece – With such sleek, eye-catching design, this Nordic Style Moon Phase Mirror Set is the perfect addition to any room that just doesn’t have that “it” piece yet; bring the room together, add more light, and get an ideal talking piece that’s sure to catch the attention of any visitors.

Product Information

Included: 5 pieces (4 crescent, 1 full moon) of wooden mirrors affixed around acrylic safety mirrors; each piece has a self-adhesive strip on the back for installation.

Size: The central mirror (full moon) is 26.5cm in diameter

Easy Installation

To ensure easy installation, all mirrors are made using wooden frames and an acrylic material mirror (“safety mirror”) rather than glass. This significantly reduces weight and makes hanging the mirrors easy.

Due to the lightweight material, each mirror can be hung using double-sided adhesive (either your own or the adhesive included with each piece in the set) without worrying about bulky hardware or difficult installation.