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Personalized Handmade Cutting Board (Kitchen)

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Personalized Handmade Cutting Board

If you'd like to give that special thanks to your parents/relative/friends who have helped prepare those delicious home meals for you or just as gift, this personalized handmade cutting board can be a special surprise to them!

Using real wood material (choices of maple, walnut & bamboo) as the cutting board with laser engraved option for you to relay your message, it is a perfect gift for Father/Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, party, etc.

Be grateful to your loved ones with your most heartfelt messages now!

Product Features:

- Beautiful, natural tones that are unique to each piece by its wood grain, engraving, tone & color variation;

- Hand-rubbed beeswax finish (using wood conditioner made from all natural USA beeswax and food safe mineral oil);

- Deeply penetrating cream protects and seals the cutting board to maximize strength of the surface and keep your knives sharper for longer.

- There are two sides (front side is for display only, back side is for use). The engraved side of this cutting board is a great decoration piece for any kitchen. The reverse side can be used just like any other cutting board you have owned.

Product Details:

Product of USA: 01 set or 01 pair of cutting board (depending on your selection).

Please message us at for your engraved wordings once you've ordered.

Carefully engraved words of your personalized message are included. A 24-hours window is allowed for change of message to be engraved.

The engraving design pictured will be the design we engrave for you unless otherwise specified by you. Combo set shares the same engraved words.

If you have a custom idea, logo, wedding monogram, etc. that you would like to use for your board, please message us at and we can discuss the details of your design. Custom designs require extra time to create (and sometimes extra time to engrave depending on the detail) so they will incur an additional charge.

Product Care:
You may not think of a wooden cutting board being any different from any other piece of kitchenware. You use it, you wash it, and it lasts as long as it lasts. Right? Wrong! Conditioning your cutting board after each use will help it stay cleaner, work better, and last a lot longer. Why? Because it's wood! The level of moisture in the wood grain continually changes, which can lead to warping or cracking. To stop this from happening, it’s important to replace the protective oils lost every time the board gets washed.

Use warm, soapy water to wash your cutting board.. NEVER submerge in water and do NOT use hot water when washing! As soon as your cutting board is clean and dry, apply any kind of wood conditioner (we offer our all natural beeswax and mineral oil finish) by rubbing a little on the cutting board board and wiping it all over to coat the surface thinly. Let this conditioner get absorbed. Finally, wipe clean: Try to use a cloth that’s not too absorbent and won’t snag.

Delivery Time:

Your order will ship in approximately 1-3 business day after the order is placed. Shipping is estimated to take anywhere from 3-5 business days (in addition to the processing time) depending on your location within USA.

Instructions for Ordering:

Please select your buying option, quantity, and add this listing to your cart. Upon checkout there will be a notes section provided- this is where you will record all personalization.

1. Please Record Engraving Details for Each Item Ordered & Message/Email to
2. Only What is Recorded in the Message/Email from you Will be Engraved
3. Cannot Alter/Cancel Order Once Submitted or Change Address
4. If Anything is Omitted, it Will Not be Engraved (like the date)

The fonts are set for this design... you cannot choose a different font.

FYI: Proper wedding etiquette calls for the woman's' initial/name first. Please write the monogram exactly how you want it engraved on the cutting board as we do not change any of your design details - we go specifically by how you write it to us. Proofs are available on a request only basis only.