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Portable Baby Sleeping Bag

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Portable Baby Sleeping Bag

This useful stylish portable baby sleeping bag is sure to please your baby and cause minimal disturbance to his/her sleep! Made of 100% cotton, it is super cozy for your adorable baby to sleep well in it even as you carry around during travel. The upright protective caps are designed windproof and warm to prevent catching a cold and the upright hat will not affect your baby's line of sight and breathing.

With its portable design cradle style, this sleeping bag also have handles on both sides to ensure the baby does not wake up during lifting or lowering motion. This reduces the repetitive movement of the mother when she lifts and put down the baby who is very sensitive to movement. There is also a wide choice of cute colorful designs such as grey star, grey stripe, dinosaur, deer, watermelon, panda, boat, carrots and swan.

Package Included:

01 x portable baby sleeping bag, suitable for 0-6months old baby, applicable anytime and anywhere.

Machine washable on delicate cycle and hang dry / using dryer

Package weight/size: 300g, LxW: 80x80cm / 31.5x31.5in

Please note delivery is between 2 to 4 weeks from purchase date.

Product Demonstration:

Baby-Sleeping-Bag-0-6-Months-Newborn-Portable-Swaddle-Towel-Baby-Cotton-Soft-Holding-Blanket-Sleeping (3)2019-07-31_112154Baby-Sleeping-Bag-0-6-Months-Newborn-Portable-Swaddle-Towel-Baby-Cotton-Soft-Holding-Blanket-Sleeping (2)Baby-Sleeping-Bag-0-6-Months-Newborn-Portable-Swaddle-Towel-Baby-Cotton-Soft-Holding-Blanket-Sleeping (1)Baby-Sleeping-Bag-0-6-Months-Newborn-Portable-Swaddle-Towel-Baby-Cotton-Soft-Holding-Blanket-Sleeping (5)H08b1584584f34271bbe15e74e584a5ebWHe02f06352df443f58e4ec2250d0739a0xHTB1FButbMFY.1VjSZFnq6AFHXXad