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Portable Heated Lunch Box Electric Oven Cooker Food Warmer (Kitchen)

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Portable Heated Lunch Box Electric Oven Cooker Food Warmer

Quick heat up of food for yourself/kids/family?

Get this super smart & useful food warmer!

  • Innovative portable and user-friendly oven cooker cum food warmer!
  • Never face the problem of your packed food getting cold anymore!
  • Best ever food warming container to let your kids enjoy great meal prepared by you even at school times!
  • Or your friend may need amazing warmer as a gift? Surprise him/her!


  • 100% brand new, safe & high quality food-grade plastic lunch box;
  • Using high temperature resistant environmental-friendly materials;
  • Easy & convenient to use for carrying around in your daily routine;
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, orange & red;
  • Uses water-proof design plug port for safety (EU-plug type);
  • Removable containers and separate steam vent to allow food ventilation;
  • Heat resistant carrying handle to ensure safety in handling by all;
  • Eco-friendly, ideal for use in all environment: school, work, home or travel;
  • Power: 40W, frequency: 50Hz, 220V DC with ON/OFF;
  • USA customers: common adapter to convert 220V to 110V is needed;
  • Capacity: 1.05L (rice bowl 0.6L, dish box 0.45L);
  • Packaging size/details: Size (per picture)/ 800g, 30cm x 20cm x 10cm.


Includes 01 portable heated lunch box oven cooker cum food warmer;

- Complimentary spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks kit. 🤗

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery from your purchase date.

Note: Common adapter needed for USA customers


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