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Portable Paw Pool (Pet)

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Portable Paw Pool

When it's time to freshen up your pets, they are sure to love this Paw Pool specially designed for them!

Unlike traditional standard plastic pool, this Paw Pool is made for dogs/cats and highly durable. Designed anti-leak and tear-resistant, you can be sure that your pet will like this new playground, running, jumping and swimming around it!

The pool is deep enough for your pet to get completely soaked and cool off by either sitting, standing, or swimming! It's also fun and cool for both toddlers and little kids, not just pets... The fold-able design of the paw pool saves the hassle of inflating it, can be used to bath, swim or dabble. It can even be used as a portable playpen or ball pit for kids to play in, both indoors and outdoors!


PORTABLE - It can be folded up in a small size, easy to store and bring with you and your pet everywhere

EASY TO SET UP - No need for inflation, set up in no time. With bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh water

DURABLE - Made of extra-tough PVC, it is thick on the side and with thicker material on the bottom

SAFE TO USE - It has a slip-resistant, durable heavy-duty bottom. The wrapped edges prevent wear and punctures. Large bed type drain valve on the lower side to drain the water. Easy to drain then fold & store.

Important Notes:

- It is recommended to trim your pet's nails before using the paw pool.

- Always put the base on a smooth flat surface with no sharp items underneath.


Includes 01 useful Pet Paw Pool with 01 gift cover.

Package weight / size: 720g, 31.5 x 23 x 3.5 cm (12.40 x 9.05 x 1.38 inches), plastic

Sizes available:

20x60: Diameter 60cm, height 20cm, suitable for pets ~15kg (for reference only)

20x80: Diameter 80cm, height 20cm, suitable for pets ~30kg (for reference only)

30x80: Diameter 80cm, height 30cm, suitable for pets ~40kg (for reference only)

30x120: Diameter 120cm, height 30cm, suitable for pets ~60kg (for reference only)

30x160: Diameter 160cm, height 30cm, suitable for pets ~80kg (for reference only)