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Portable Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer (Beauty)

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Portable Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer

This creative brand new multi-functional Portable Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer is specially designed for you to keep your cosmetic items neatly or bring them from one place to another easily. The transparent top cover presents your essential cosmetics elegantly, allows easy, convenient access and is fully water-proof. The top carrying handle helps you to bring the whole organizer around while removable, dust-proof storage compartments enable you to keep or transport other makeup items easily too. The whole design is an upgraded version made of high quality shatter resistance material to safeguard against injury and damage. As such, it is thicker and more durable than the typical acrylic makeup storage cases, jewelry boxes and organizers.

With its gorgeous finish, this makeup organizer stands out wherever you place it for its neat and innovative look, bringing elegant glamour and vanity to every lady. It will be a perfect gift for ladies of all ages during makeup at bathroom counter or dresser table!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 Portable Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer

Color / Material: White or Pink / ABS + PP

Package Size: 25.5cm x 32.5cm (10in x 12.8in)

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

Our Product Demonstration: Portable Waterproof Cosmetic Organizer

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