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Powerful Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Powerful Mosquito Killer Lamp

This Powerful Mosquito Killer Lamp is an effective mosquito trap device equipped with human bionics technology with 365nm bionic violet light wave that easily attracts, traps and kills mosquitoes precisely. It has a built-in streamlined 360-degrees suction fan which sucks the mosquitoes approaching from any direction into the insect trap beneath, causing death effectively by rapid dehydration of air flow.

Designed light, compact and portable, you can carry it around easily to any place you'd need to kill mosquitoes (eg. bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, travel, camping area, etc.) and its low noise 35dB built-in fan ensures smooth and silent night sleep for yourself, your babies, toddlers, pregnant women, elderly, etc. The DC 5V safe voltage with low power consumption for energy saving can be powered conveniently by any USB device such as computer, laptop, mobile power, USB adapter, etc.

This pure physical methodology of killing the mosquitoes is cost effective and doesn't create air pollution or fluid mess by traditional mosquito repellent methods. It proves to be 100% safe for humans and pets and highly rated for environmental friendliness and protection with low noise, non-chemical, non-toxic and non-radioactive innovative approach. Furthermore, cleaning maintenance and re-use is very easy by just removing the large-capacity mosquito trap box and dispose of the dead mosquitoes. The lamp itself is waterproof and can be placed into water for cleaning. Say goodbye to your mosquito sprays or repellent patches and use this efficient and environmental friendly method now!

Product Details:

Package includes: 01 or more Powerful Mosquito Killer Lamp + 0 or more USB plug adapters (depending on your choice).

Due to heavy demand, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

Main Specifications:

Item Type: Mosquito Killer Lamp, 13x13x22.8cm
Material / Content: ABS / 6 LED Lamps, USB cable length 3.6 ft (1.1m)
Power: 5W
Certification: CE
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Usage Range: 20~40 square meters
Lifespan: 30,000 hours

Usage Instructions:

1. It is recommended to open your mosquito lamp at least 3 hours in advance before going to bed and place the device in a dark area.
2. When not at home, mosquitoes usually frequent in damp or dark places, esp. bathroom, kitchen, utility room, etc. Using this killer lamp in these places will be more effective to eliminate most mosquitoes.
3. After use, please do not pull off the power plug immediately. Let the fan continue to run for several minutes until the mosquitoes are well dehydrated and dried physically to death.
4. Please use it for more than 48 hours for the first time. Turn off other light sources when using this to make sure this killer lamp is the only light source for the mosquitoes to approach. It is recommended to place it at a distance of more than 1m above the ground.