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Premium Comfy Posture Back Brace

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Premium Comfy Posture Back Brace

Many of us do not realize that our daily habit including poor sitting or standing posture can easily lead to long-term back pain, muscle pain, myopia, sore necks and shoulders, headaches and many other medical problems. Wearing a back corrector can develop muscle memory for a period of time, and you can keep your back straight even if you don't wear a posture correction device later.

Posture correction using back brace is currently the simplest, non-surgical way used by many to prevent humpback and pain around shoulder and neck instantly.

This premium comfy posture back brace is an upgraded version designed with utmost comfort and result guaranteed with its super high quality ultra-soft composite fabric, nylon tape and firm elastic adjustable braces to ensure correct posture alignment! Enhanced breathable holes are also adopted in back and shoulder straps to ensure super fast heat dissipation and permeability to improve the comfort of wearing and prevent any possible skin irritation.

Past customer experiences are learnt continuously and defined angles needed for proper posture correction are now carefully calibrated with dual rods support and designed onto the free adjustment braces and nylon belt of this back brace. Underarm cut issue, an ongoing issue with majority of posture braces in the market is confirmed non-existent in this product after many repeated wearing and testing.

With a firm posture, you will feel proud to stand a little taller and be more confident too. Many people with chronic back pain and hunchback have improved dramatically in their health and self-confidence after using this back brace.

Other than training your mind to keep maintaining a long-lasting upright position, adjustable waist support also helps tighten your tummy belly discreetly!

As this back brace fits seamlessly under your clothes and is almost totally unnoticeable, it can be used in a huge variety of environment such as home, office, gym, yoga room and outdoor! Being highly flexible, adjustable, light weight and easy to wear/wash, it is suitable for men, women and kids as well.

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Product Details:

Package includes 01 super premium comfy posture back brace.

Weight / Package Size: 250g (0.55lb.) / 25 x 15 x 5 cm (9.84 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches)

If your size is closer to the upper end of range in below size chart please go for the larger size to prevent too tight fit.

Product Wearing Demonstration:

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For yourself or your family/friends, it is certainly the most worthwhile posture corrector!