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Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

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Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Always finding your screen protector damaged easily and have to be changed again?

This premium tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo switch will replace all your existing screen protectors and save you the trouble and money of multiple continuous replacement! Designed light, thin, clear, transparent, ultra hard, waterproof, scratch resistant, highly durable and sensitive to touch, it is certainly the best screen protector recommended for your Nintendo Switch!


[Comfortable Feel] Our tempered glass material have been processed at high temperatures and continuously tested. It's 9H grade hardness level can effectively resist any scratching and rubbing of the screen surface by sharp objects! And with full coverage of the Nintendo controller's screen, it does not need warping and forbid dust entry, allowing very smooth and comfortable feel on the surface while using.

[Clear and Transparent] Using top-grade aluminium materials, the tempered glass carries high light transmittance and protects your eyesight better for longer usage time without fatigue with its excellent clearness, transparency and anti-reflection.

[Light, thin, sensitive to touch] Continuous testing derives 0.33mm in thickness that is suitable for optimal sensitivity of touch. With this convenience of quick sense of fingers touch, we guarantee a happy and satisfied experience as what our customers have enjoyed so far!

[Automatic Adsorption] Our high quality, anti-static upgraded adsorption tempered film allows you to quickly remove any hair or dust on the screen easily with a swipe of your finger.

[Extreme hardness, scratch-proof] Processed under high temperature with secondary strengthening process, this high-end strong steel film has extreme hardness with laminated double-layer diamond plated crystal coating making it highly resistant to scratch and any shock/impact.

[Seamless fit] Adopting nano-polymer full-glue process, the 2.5D arc-shaped smooth edge design fits snugly to the corners, making the entire edges very smooth and effective!

[Waterproof] Despite all features mentioned, a hot coffee or food spill can kill most normal tempered glass screen protector but not this one! With vacuum coating process, its surface plating coating effectively isolates and dilutes fluid/oil stains and ensure long-lasting protection of your screen!

01 retail package of premium tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch including:

- 01 micro-fiber cleaning cloth;

- 01 cleaning prep pad;

- 02 thumbsticks caps;

Dimension: 16.5cm X 9cm (can cut to fit other devices too, eg. iPhone)

Please kindly allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

Installation Guide:

Step1: Clean the screen with wet wipes;

Step2: Dry screen with cloth;

Step3: Remove dust from the screen;

Step4: Install the tempered glass;