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Reflective Leggings

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Reflective Leggings

Keeping fit is never more fun than with our new and modern eye-catching rainbow Reflective Leggings! Featuring neon reflective material that glows with your every movement, you'll look so stunning that others will want you on social media or be their friend!
Designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, this stylish pair of leggings will help to emphasize your slim body with its high waist fit! Made of high quality, comfortable, breathable, anti-shrink tencel fabric, spandex and polyester, it's built to last, easy to wash, quick to dry and produces sexy glow in the dark!

Perfect not just for fitness like gym workouts, yoga, running, etc, you can also wear them as casual pants for art/music festivals, rave, parties, etc. to look amazing and stand out from the crowd! Don't hesitate to get one for yourself or someone whom you know who need it!