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Smart Fitness Body Muscle Trainer (Beauty & Health)

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Smart Fitness Body Muscle Trainer

Struggling to beef up your muscles in all sorts of strenuous exercises?

This smart fitness body muscle trainer kit will save you so much time and energy and what's interesting is that it allows you to tone up your muscles anytime anywhere, even when you are doing nothing! It is easy to operate, professional looking and can be used for any parts of our body muscles including biceps, abs, buttocks, hips, chest, abdominal, arms, waist, legs, etc..

Open your fitness space at any time and shape up to six muscles belly, mermaid line, etc. to impress your partner and friends now!

Product Features:

1. Automated programs include scraping, massage, acupuncture, tapping or its combination;

2. Designed to firm, tone, strengthen, tighten, exercise and maintain your muscles effectively;

3. Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core muscles with strengthening muscle contractions;

4. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology operated by easy push-button operation with 6 modes;

5. Stimulate muscle nerves, promote your muscles to complete contraction movement and achieve weight loss goal;

Product usage recommendation:

a) Use once a day for about 30 minutes of training to exercise and tighten your muscles;

b) Use the original training pulse setting first before adjusting the frequency/current;

c) Design your preferred training method that allows effective muscles exercising;

Product Details:

Package includes 01 set of your preferred smart fitness muscle trainer kit with user manual.

Material / Color / Size: Cotton, ABS / Black / Universal (Note: AAA batteries needed but not included in package for safety reason)

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks of delivery from your purchase date.

Detailed Operating Instructions:

1. Load battery,

2. Place the host on the patch,

3. Pull the cover on the gel pad,

4. Put the muscle toner on the body,

5. Turn on the device,

6. Press program to select the mode,

7. Press ON to increase intensity,

8. Press OFF to decrease intensity,

9. Long press OFF to turn off,

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