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Smart Under Door/Window Twin Draft Guard Stopper (Home Gadget)

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Smart Under Door/Window Twin Draft Guard Stopper

Frustrated with voids under doors/windows?Â đŸ˜©

Use this smart under door twin draft stopper! 😎

  • Greatly improves efficiency in warming or cooling of your rooms!
  • Ward off unnecessary dust, insects, smells & noises entering room!
  • Easy to install/remove/wash, convenient & great value for money!
  • Safety tool by preventing accidental knocks by door/window!
  • Or your family/friend may need this? Let them know now!


  • Brand new & high quality, useful for all doors and windows;
  • Suitable coffee brown color fits most door/window types;
  • Double-sided for maximum air-leak/anti-insect protection;
  • Ensures maximum energy/cost saving for your air-conditioning;
  • Reduces dust, smell & noises from external environment;
  • Easy to install on all doors/windows & remove/wash;
  • Prevents accidental knock & bruise on people's foot/hand;
  • Glides over all floors with door, no bending is to re-position!
  • Product: LXW ~85x12cm or 33.4x4.7inches (max 36");
  • Package weight: 0.045kg, size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm;


Includes 2 connected pieces of twin draft guard stopper.
Please allow delivery of 2 to 4 weeks from your purchase date.