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Spider Scare Prank Box (Halloween, Xmas, New Year, April Fool, etc.)

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Spider Scare Prank Box

Preparing to go for your next fun or horror party? We’ve got you covered with this special gift box!

With a scary, naughty black spider hiding inside this gift box, it is ready to jump out whenever anyone open the case cover and disturb it… which we think even the bravest few can’t escape this scare!

This new scare toy will be your perfect trick for various fun party occasions such as Halloween and April Fool's Day. Don’t miss it while stocks last!

Product Details:

Package Includes: 01 Brand New, High Quality Spider Scare Prank Box

Size: 8.8cm x 6cm x 5.5cm (3.5 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches)

Caution: Not for the too weak-hearted...

Limited to maximum of 5 boxes per customer while stocks last…

Guaranteed Hilarious Fun: It is okay to show the fun or naughty side of your character occasionally and you can certainly enjoy hilarious fun watching the reaction of your spouse, parents, grandparents, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, bosses, employees, yet-to-know friend as they open this mystery gift box...

Handmade Durable, Sturdy Natural Wood: No paint or assembly is required and it’s made to last and ready for use once you’ve received it from us.

Easy to Use: No word or message needed… Simply hand the box to someone and they will naturally slide the top handle and open to see what is inside. Or you can just leave it on someone’s desk and let him/her discover this secret spider!

Enjoy Memorable Moment and be Remembered: More than just made to last materially, this unique harmless spider scare prank box can also help create a special memorable moment to be remembered with your loved ones forever…

Only high quality material is used for the wood and spider so that you can enjoy it as long as you can!

Funny, mysterious, suspicious gift and some people may know you gonna be kidding! It’s alright, you’ll still likely get to see the never-seen-before reaction of your family, friends, party mates...

Perfect trick box, perfect for lots of laugh, fun and smiles in many parties! This unique gift is probably going to keep going viral with lots of shares among all as surprise and chuckles continue…


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