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Stylish Wristband Hand Dispenser

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Wristband Hand Dispenser

Keeping our hands clean is becoming more important than ever with new species of virus and bacteria rampant around the world.

Our brand new stylish Wristband Hand Dispenser enables you to sanitize your hands or any objects conveniently anytime anywhere!

Made of medical-grade silicone, it is designed to be easily refilled, quickly sealed with anti-leak caps and reuse after washing.

Save your time and even the risk of touching the hand sanitizer bottle!

With adjustable band strap, it's one size fits all (adult and kids) so that all of us can stay germ-free and enjoy a safer environment with this now!

Product Features:

  • Sizing & Color: One Size Fits All for Adults/Kids Unisex & multiple colorful stylish choices!

  • Recommended for ages 7 & above - please exercise adult supervision;

  • Holds up to 6mL of liquid and is easy to refill;

  • The 8mm refill opening is wide enough to accommodate most product spouts;

  • It is washable, re-wearable and comes with two caps, one for loose liquids and the other for liquid gels;

  • High Quality Material: Durable Silicone TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

  • Flexible, durable and smooth to be worn at all times;

  • Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap, warm water and refill

  • Ideal for those who travel, work in health care, service industries and just about anyone else!

  • It also makes a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones!

Product Details:

01 useful Wristband Hand Dispenser + 01 FREE sanitizer bottle

How To Use:

1. Lift the refill cap and insert hand sanitizer, lotion or product of your choice into the band's refill cap. Firmly close the cap when full.

2. Simply press and squeeze the top of the wristband to dispense the liquid.

Shipping Times: USA: ~1 week, Overseas: ~3 to 4 weeks;