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Smart Rapid Defrosting Tray (Kitchen)

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Smart Rapid Defrosting Tray

Tired of ways to unfreeze your food?

Check out this smart & rapid defrosting tray! 😎

  • It can unfreeze your favorite meat within minutes naturally and safely!
  • No electricity, micro-wave, chemistry or hot water needed!
  • 100% brand new, high quality, durable and great value for money!
  • Or your family/friend may need this badly? Let him/her know now!


  • Safest natural known method to defrost your food in minutes!
  • Super high quality & durable thermal conductive material;
  • Comes in 3 sizes for your appetite!
  • Small: 230x165mm, Medium : 295x208mm, Large: 265x355mm;
  • Light weight (~0.4kg), easily cleaned & stored (in dishwasher safe);
  • Packaging Weight/Size: 0.5kg / 30cmx30cmx5cm;


Includes 01 set of smart defrost tray of your favorite size.
Please allow delivery of 2 to 4 weeks from your purchase date.
Usage Instructions:
Just place your food on this amazing defrosting tray to see the magic of defrosting..

Isn't this amazing? 😲

Recent Demonstration in our store:

Enjoy the magic of defrost convenience! 😄

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