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Super Speed Fishing Reel

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Super Speed Fishing Reel

Looking to up your fishing game? This Super Speed Fishing Reel will make your fishing trips even more enjoyable with its super smooth high speed reel design, making it quick and easy for you to fish in all types of water! The powerful 24-position gear magnetic brake system can be customized for any lure, which eliminates backlashing and provides reeling that is more flexible, convenient and smooth as silk!

The design of this reel makes it durable and offers easy access to gears so that you can easily lubricate them. Perfect for catching sea bass and mullet. 8:1 super high speed gear ratio, coupled with 8kg high drag force and choice of left/right hand and extra shallow spool will ensure that you can customize to enjoy an even more pleasurable fishing experience on all types of fishes!

What's more? We have bundled extra fishing hooks specially for you, free of charge!

Product Features:

Sleek Appearance! This reel will catch your fellow fishermen’s eyes with its stylish body and aluminum alloy spool. It also has a unique hollow body, shaped spool, and durable non-slip grip handles!

Long-Lasting and Durable! This reel is loaded out with extreme resistance, a reinforced metal spindle, a high-quality drive gear and a precision-machined brass pinion!

Super Smooth, Ultra-Fast Sailing! The reel can rotate super fast and it uses an efficient carbon fiber towline to harden the stainless-steel spindle for a super smooth, enjoyable fishing experience!

Fish Anywhere! The corrosion-free design allows you to fish in any body of water, including the ocean! No need to worry about doing damage to your reel by fishing in saltwater. Fish in freshwater, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams—wherever you want!

Product Specifications:

- Gear Ratio: 8.1:1

- Max drag: 8kg

- Weight: 222g

- Spool weight: Shallow spool:17g, Deep spool:20g

- Gift: 6pcs fishing hook (FREE!)

Line Capacity(mm-M): BS2000(deep spool)(mm-M): 0.26-210/0.28-180/0.30-140 + BS2000(shallow spool)(mm-M): 0.148-125/0.165-100

- Package weight: 0.4KG + Package including: 1 pc Reel in a Carton Box.


Question 1: What kind of fishing rod would be good with this reel?

Answer: Any casting rod from 6 to 7.5 ft in a medium to medium heavy would be ideal. You can also shop for fishing rods available in our store.

Question 2: How to determine which reel should I use? Left or right handed?

Answer: If you are used to twisting the handle by right hand, then choose right handed reel. Same for left handed reel.

Question 3: Does the reel buzz a lot when casting?

Answer: All bait casting reels with metal gears and parts can be a bit noisy. Turn the reel upside down and put a drop of oil on the worm gear and make shure the reel and its parts are clean and lubricated before using.

Question 4: Can it be used in saltwater?

Answer: Yes, it can be used in saltwater, but it is recommended to clean and lubricate it after using.

Question 5: I am new on baitcasting reel, is there an instruction of how to use it?

Answer: Yes, instruction manual is included in the package. You can also seek any help from our customer service staff at

Question 6: What’s the differences between carbon material and industrial plastic?

Answer: Carbon material is more durable, more resistant to high temperature and lighter than industrial plastic, which produces powerful drag power and help you relieve the stress when throwing.