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The Healing Crystal Glass Water Bottle (Health)

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The Healing Crystal Glass Water Bottle

This natural quartz crystal glass water bottle contains Gema point crystal with Reiki healing effect on your drinking water by improving the negative-ion level. Ailing your chakras with crystal-infused quartz crystal water symbolizes the connection and the benefits can usually be felt within the first week of use. It's known to release toxic emotions and energies, strengthens the connection with your relationships, removes fear, expresses self-love, mercy and forgiveness.


The crystal healing enthusiast in your life will love to drink gems every day. Most customers find gem water made with this harmonic mix to be soft and smooth. It can be an excellent gift idea for those who are beginning to experiment with healing crystals.


A must-have product if you already enjoy the benefits of healing crystals or if you are just getting into this new world of powerful natural crystal energy. Get rid of your plastic bottle and start enjoying your drinking water charged with pure crystal energy the whole day from this re-usable eco-friendly glass bottle and feel invigorated! When not in use, it also acts as a beautiful home decor by itself. Value your personal health and well being or you can also give it to someone who likes to collect crystals, or as Christmas, New Year, birthday gift to your family, friends or loved ones. Check out the description of each crystal type in below section and find the ones you need..



The hydrotherapy cup is made of removable glass with a metal cap and a base part. Water bottle glass is safe for the dishwasher whereas glass base should be hand washed. Each glass is secured on the bottom with stainless steel as shown and remains attached to the bottom of the bottle so that it will not fall off.

Sizes: Crystal: 150 mm height 25 mm width, water glass: 21.5 cm height

Material: natural crystal + glass + wood

Capacity: ~ 550 ml or ~18.6 oz


Crystal types & their benefits:

Amethyst: A natural stress reliever that brings protection & spiritual growth. It emits negative ions and rids your home and body of negative energy, toxic particles and free radicals while attracting positive energy. It can also helps in respiration and the removal of aerosol and dangerous chemicals from the air.

Citrine: Known for spiritual healing properties, especially beneficial to people who are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to the energy and influence of others. Yellow quartz enhances the light around the body to provide protection to the aura.

Clear: Energizes and activates your chakras. It amplifies the energy level of any other gemstone it touches, making it an ideal crystal to use with others.

Fluorite: Acts as an energetic vacuum cleaner, cleansing your mind, body, spirit and space of stress, negativity, anxiety and other negative energies. It is one of the most underrated, yet powerful crystals for energy cleaning.

Obsidian: A truth-enhancing, strongly protective stone that forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack, absorbs negative energies from the environment and draws out mental stress and tension.

Rose: Representing your heart and helps release the pain and negative emotions from your inner heart, treating certain heart conditions and problems with blood circulation.

Smoky Quartz: Protect yourself with its grounding and detoxifying effects, acting as aspirin of your crystal healing first aid kit excellent for soothing both emotional and physical pain.




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